Introducing Inference

Introducing Inference

DRB 532
Our ability to infer or to draw conclusions given partial information is a cornerstone of our reasoning process. Guessing, implying, hinting, suggesting, supposing, and reasoning are just a few of the mental processes in which we draw inference. Throughout this workbook, students are encouraged not only to draw conclusions using inference, but to explain how they solved the problem at hand. In the first part of the book, students identify missing parts of people, objects or animals. For example, an image of bike with a missing wheel is accompanied by "A bicycle is supposed to have two ____, but this bicycle has only one. One ____ is missing." Students then move on to looking for missing information in sequenced events that are presented in pictures. Finally, students will either read or listen to simple scenarios to predict and analyze outcomes.

Spiral Bound, 113 pages, by Marilyn M. Toomey. Illustrated by Will Harney.

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