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Autism Products & Teaching Tools

You want nothing more than to make your learners with autism independent and successful. At Different Roads, we’ve got you covered. We partner with the best resources to give you and your kids the right results. We understand our children have different journeys, different paths….Different Roads.


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We know you want so many things for your child - so we've sourced the best toys, games, tools, and tech to help your learner achieve all their goals.

We talk to all the experts, to find out the most thorough and up to date methods for accessing your students and creating IEPs that will put them on the path to success.

Our Curated Collections

From the backbone Verbal Behaviors volumes, to needs of the transitioning young adult, we've crafted and honed these collections to offer all the basics to get you started on your path.

I was pleased when my kit arrived. It has several tools to help me organize the various products. I couldn't be more satisfied.
This book is very helpful in terms of providing ready made forms for use in tracking progress
Barbara Northrup
Loved it. Very insightful and a very easy read. We learned so much . The stories and cases Gary shares really illustrate so many of the issues parents face and he provides so much insight , solutions and hope
Stacy Zaudere