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About Us

What We Do

Different Roads to Learning is your one-stop shop for autism spectrum resources and teaching materials! With over 600 products, our carefully curated product line supports the social, academic and communicative development of children on the autism spectrum through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior interventions.

Why We Do What We Do

Different Roads to Learning was founded by mom and entrepreneur, Julie Azuma. When her daughter was diagnosed with autism, Julie became aware of just how hard it was to find the right teaching tools for her daughter. Determined to fill this void, Julie hoped to help other struggling families by hand picking the best autism intervention products available and offering them in one place.

Who We Are

Our small team could not be more dedicated to empowering ASD students, as we are all family members or researchers who have worked with individuals on the spectrum. We believe that the most important and fulfilling part of our jobs is making children on the spectrum feel like they belong and are excited to learn!

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"I've always turned to Different Roads for high quality products to use in addressing my clients' goals. They have a wide variety of well-made and effective materials to support the programming that I develop, but most importantly to aid my clients in acquiring the skills that they need to succeed at home, school, and in the community."
— Linda W., ABA Provider

"The materials I have bought from Different Roads have helped my students develop social skills, improve their language and reduce some very challenging behaviours such as biting, screaming and lashing out."
— Amy O., School Teacher, Early Intervention Provider

"Different Roads has shown me wonderful articles that I can apply both in and outside of the classroom. They benefit all functions of students anywhere on the spectrum, that other sources don't attend to as much. These activities and products are so beneficial to my students and I love getting my email from this website every day!"
— Michelle B., Parent, School Teacher

Our Team

Different Roads to Learning was founded in 1995 by Julie Azuma, When her daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of six, Julie started the company to support parents running ABA programs in their homes. In the 90's, it was difficult to find the right materials to work with ASD children.

Since then, schools across the country use Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior in both contained and inclusion classrooms. Tens of thousands of children have been mainstreamed by the age of 5. Our children are more capable in every way. Today, we are proud that our mission remains to provide the most effective, informative, affordable and appropriate materials to support the students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in their social and academic growth. 


Tatum came to us from the corporate headquarters of Barnes & Noble, where she served as their Operations Coordinator. Tatum is thrilled to be applying Fortune-500 forecasting and principles to the ideals and goals of Different Roads to Learning. In partnership with the rest of the team, Tatum is dedicated to ensuring your orders arrive to you promptly and correctly, and that we are always bringing you the best and most innovative items to help your students or your family. If there is an item out of stock or an issue with shipping, Tatum is the person to take care of you and prioritize your needs!

Megan brings a background in inventory and kit assembly for an organization of vocational schools.  She joined the Different Roads Team to ensure our customers have access to attractive and high-quality products available in convenient packages.  Megan is focused on maintaining background logistical processes to give you a seamless and straightforward ordering experience.


Brianna joins the team as our Customer Service and Digital Marketing Associate. She comes to Different Roads from the education field, where she worked in Communications and Marketing. She is excited to use her expertise to ensure that you receive the care, guidance, and attention needed when looking for the right items for your home or classroom.