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ABLLS-R Assessment Kits and Supports

Whether you're a BCBA making house calls, a therapist opening a new clinic, or a special needs teacher setting up your classroom, you likely utilize the ABLLS-R Assessment. Valid and reliable, it does come with logistical challenges:  
* You need to know exactly what materials you'll have on hand on any given day, and materials that can travel when needed. 
* You need high-quality materials that can withstand tearing, throwing, and chewing. 
* You need a trusted source that your school or facility will approve.
Different Roads has partnered with Partington Behavior Analysts and our trusted experts to curate a full collection of ABLLS-R assessment kits and supports. Our exclusive assessment kit which contains everything you need to perform the assessment, including our suggestion sheets, which will help you guide each item to the correct target. 
Questions? Reach out to us at info@difflearn.com and let us know how we can help you bring this key assessment to your classroom or clinic.

Not sure which assessment is right for your program? Sam Blanco, PhD, LBA, BCBA breaks it all down for you on our blog!