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Practical ABA: Instructional Strategies: Digital Download

SKU: DRE 019

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*This product is available exclusively as a digital download*

Creators Sam Blanco and Val Demiri have frequently found themselves in the role of training therapists, educators, and paraprofessionals who have very little knowledge of ABA. Practical ABA is a series of lessons designed to clearly address common skill deficits by providing a user friendly training format with progress measurement. Blanco and Demiri systematically break down the basics of ABA allowing you to make the most of your time for on the job training

Not only are the essentials and focal points laid out in an easy-to-access-and-understand manner, there are interactive worksheets where you can mark the skills focused on and level of achievement, your goals for your next training session as well as any other notes or observations that take place!

The Skills:

  • Use Fast Pace of Instruction
  • Vary the SD
  • Use High-P/Low-P Sequences
  • Fade Prompts
  • Conduct Maintenance Trials
  • Ensure Treatment Integrity (Part I)
  • Interrupt Early in a Behavior Chain (Part I)
  • Use Natural Environment Teaching
  • Consistently Implement Augmentative & Alternative Communication

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