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Independent Living Skills

The promotion of autism independent living skills is essential for all children, but is especially important for learners with ASD. These tools assess and build skills in problem solving, time management, vocational skills, and task completion, which are crucial when it comes to setting and accomplishing goals.


Assessment of Functional Living Skills AFLS Basic Living Skills Assessment Protocol Book
Socially Savvy Assessment and curriculum guide for young children. Social Functioning Skills Assessment for Autism ABA
Salad Shoppe

3 reviews
Audible Time Timer 8-inch visual timer for children with autism and special needs ASD classrooms teachers
Audible Time Timer 8-inch

5 reviews
Time Timer Audible Timer Visual Timer Countdown Timer for autism and special needs teacher students classroom
Audible Time Timer 3-inch

5 reviews
GymBoss minimax

1 review
Time Timer Audible and Visual Timer for Classrooms Students BCBAs RBTs ABA Autism and special needs
Audible 12 Time Timer

2 reviews
Time Timer PLUS visual timer for autism and special needs countdown timer
Crafting Connections

2 reviews
I Can Do It! My Daily Checklist
Time Timer Plus Visual Timer for Students and Children with Autism ASD countdown visual timer with handle.
Time Timers five-Minute Timer for ASD Autism Autistic kids Visual Timer