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Essential for Living: the eBook

SKU: DRE 143

*This product is an eBook; allow 24 hours to access

The Essential For Living [EFL] E-Book (in English), as its paper twin, provides a comprehensive guide to teaching functional, life skills with children and adults with named and unnamed moderate-to-severe developmental disabilities, including but not limited to autism. EFL includes detailed information on teaching strategies, data collection, and analysis, as well as numerous examples and case studies to help the reader apply the strategies to real-life situations. 

It is especially useful for learners with limited communication repertoires, minimal daily living skills, or severe problem behavior. It is both an assessment and a curriculum.  This instrument is also used to develop appropriate IEP goals, and objectives for individual education or support plans and to track skill acquisition and problem behavior. 

Format: PDF

Note: eBooks are not printable