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Salad Shoppe

SKU: DRE 004

The Salad Shoppe curriculum was developed by dedicated special educators who aspire to change the face of vocational training. Working with a group of 8 young adults with varying abilities, these teachers were charged with teaching academics and supporting their transition into adulthood. After careful assessment of each learner's skill sets and needs, these educators created a social enterprise that combined “salad prep/business” skills to their learner's IEP goals, creating the Salad Shoppe Curriculum.

This curriculum has changed the landscape of job training by highlighting the strengths and interests of each learner and applying them to functional tasks. The Salad Shoppe curriculum is a tool to take traditional teaching methods out of the classroom and integrate them into a comprehensive and functional setting.

This curriculum contains set up instructions (including a list of all items needs), a schedule of tasks, 30 different skill targets, prompts, data tracking forms and sight word and vocabulary banks. The forms can be printed, or filled out directly in the downloadable PDF, which is available immediately on your computer or device.

Students will learn how to:

  • track and count money
  • inventory ingredients
  • create a shopping list
  • purchase goods
  • put items away
  • food prep
  • convert an order form to food assembly
  • deliver orders
  • clean up.

Developed by  Kathryn Reres & Rebecca Chi, with illustrations by Brian Mannion, in partnership with NSSA and Different Roads to Learning