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Crafting Connections

SKU: DRB 832

This major work provides practical guidance on teaching social skills to those with autism. Crafting Connections offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers Social Awareness, Social Communication, Social Interaction, Social Learning, and Social Relatedness. It features sub-skills, prerequisites, and instructions for each area.

With an emphasis on teaching interaction and fostering authentic social competence, readers will find comprehensive coverage of topics like teasing, bullying, conversational development, and social comprehension. The guide captures skill development in a behavioral framework, giving learners on the spectrum quality social skill instruction.

Crafting Connections is tailored to support meaningful, life-enriching relationships while remaining systematic and analytic. It's an ideal resource for teachers, clinicians, and families teaching social skills to kids and youth with autism spectrum disorders.

By Autism Partnership: Mitchell Taubman, PhD, Ron Leaf, Ph.D., John McEachin, Ph.D.


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