The Language of Math for Young Learners

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The Language of Math for Young Learners

DRB 550
Designed to bridge the gap between language and math, many of the activities in this interactive workbook draw children into simple math operations and encourage them to "talk through" them. The book is filled with activity sheets and projects for children to use directly. Intended for early primary grade students, this workbook has two main purposes - first to identify terms associated with quantity, order math operations and principles of math in our daily experience - second, to suggest ways of talking through simple math operations and the reasons supporting them. The first section presents numbers, symbols, counting and ordinal relationships. The second section presents verbal aspects of simple math operations. The last section presents language associated with measurement, money, temperature, shapes, and patterns.
Soft Cover, 135 pages, by Marilyn M. Toomey, Illustrated by Kevin M. Newman

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