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Writing Bundle

SKU: DRK 101

Help your ASD learners develop their fine motor skills, practice handwriting, and build foundational skills in pattern recognition with the Different Roads' Writing Bundle.

Chunky, easy-to-hold pencils and crayons are perfect for small hands. With the Sensible Pencil Curriculum, learners will practice the specific handwriting strokes needed to write letters and numbers. Simple exercises in drawing horizontal and vertical lines build into familiar shapes and patterns, making the learning process easy and fun.

Practice makes perfect with our children's writing set! Students can take their handwriting lessons to the next level with the I Can Write! Reusable Activity Mats. Apply the lessons learned in the Sensible Pencil Curriculum over and over again as your learners:

  • Practice writing letters, numbers, and words
  • Create full sentences
  • Learn different colors and shapes
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Highly engaging and repeatable, this bundle is perfect for teaching your learners essential handwriting skills and giving them plenty of opportunities to practice.


  • The Sensible Pencil Curriculum
  • I Can Write! Reusable Activity Sheets
  • 2 Jumbo Pencils
  • Truck Crayon Set from Melissa & Doug