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Comprehending and Verbalizing Visual Clues

SKU: DRB 485
Visual clues ascribe meaning to events and images and being able to interpret them is a crucial element in the development of social language and social interaction, including eye contact, touching, hugging, verbal response etc. The goal of each lesson is to help children learn to notice specific visual clues in order to help them understand what is occurring and provide them with structured practice in explaining what the clues mean. Each worksheet contains 4 image panels that could be cut apart and questions include: "Where do you think the boy is going? How can you tell?" and "Are these two people the same age? How can you tell?" and so on. All the books contain a series of reproducible worksheets for students that are accompanied by highly detailed instructor's notes on how to implement each activity. 
74 pages, activities recommended for mainstream ages 3 -7.
By Jean Gilliam DeGaetano with illustrations by Kevin N. Newman.