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Listening and Processing Auditory Directions

SKU: DRB 483

A fantastic, interactive way to develop attentive listening skills, good comprehension and auditory memory skills. This workbook presents similar figures that have a variety of small differences in what they are wearing, what they are holding or what they are near. Children must listen carefully and accurately remember general and specific information in order to successfully identify the correct figure. Each instructor's worksheet contains the directions for use, two levels of activities, as well as the materials needed for each activity. Questions include "Circle the dinosaur that has a bow on its tail and is holding a tree branch" and "Draw a box around the dinosaur that is standing in water and holding a balloon".

This is part of a series of workbooks designed to meet the needs of students who are ready for more academic-based skills but still need a little extra guidance. Every book focuses on a particular skill set that is critical to higher learning. All the books contain a series of reproducible worksheets for students that are accompanied by highly detailed instructor's notes on how to implement each activity. 

66 pages, activities recommended for mainstream 2nd-5th Grade, by Jean Gilliam DeGaetano with illustrations by Kevin N. Newman.