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SKU: DRB 680
The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) is an assessment and curriculum guide by Mark Sundberg, PhD, BCBA that is based on 170 developmental milestones and research from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. The VB-MAPP kit provides a clear and accurate picture of an individual child's abilities, as well as potential language and learning barriers that may be hindering progress. The overall VB-MAPP program contains:
  • Skills Assessment - Assesses 170 language and social milestones across three developmental levels
  • Barriers Assessment - Assesses 24 language and learning barriers and can be used for planning interventions and tracking progress
  • Skills Task Analysis and Tracking System -Contains over 1,000 skills that support the milestones, and can be used to record and track progress
  • Transition Assessment - Identifies the skills needed for successful transition to less restrictive learning environments
  • Placement and IEP Guide - Suggests direction for the intervention program based on the child's profiled strengths and weaknesses

The VB-MAPP full set contains one Student Protocol and one Instructor's Guide. Student Protocol contains the necessary forms for conducting the assessment, along with a task analysis that provides further breakdowns of the milestones. This product is a great VB MAPP training guide.

By Mark L. Sundberg, PhD, BCBA


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