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Talkido Starter Bundle

SKU: DRG 062

Enhance your learners’ speech and language skills with Talkido!

Talkido is a personalized communication set that allows you to create materials to match your learners’ needs and interests to help develop communication skills. Each Talkido Starter bundle comes with:

  • The Mio: Audio player that lets you record and play back 5,000 recordings!
  • Talkido Cards: 10 fully customizable content cards for your own text and images. Label anything in your house, classroom, or therapy center that your learners interact with and help them communicate with ease. 
  • Talkido Tags: 10 Stick-on tags that work with the Mio. 

Turn on the Mio device, touch it to interactive play cards and tags, and hear the sounds on the cards read aloud. Talkido helps your students learn new words and phrases, and allows pre-verbal and minimally verbal children to communicate.

The Talkido bundle also assists with:

  • Language and Speech Training
  • Teaching new words and sentences
  • Enhancing children's communication skills
  • Encouraging better pronunciation and articulation
  • Building confidence in verbal expression