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SchKIDules Visual Schedules for Kids - SchKIDules Home Bundle

SKU: DRP 149

SchKIDules Visual Schedules for Kids - SchKIDules Home Bundle is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


SchKIDules 2-in-1 Home Bundle includes SchKIDules 18” Trifold board, 72 Home-Themed Activity Magnets, 21 Pc Headings Sheet and 36 magnet stars.  It is the perfect instant visual schedule for your home that grows with your child.  The blue side is designed for a parent to set up routines, sequences, to do lists and daily schedules.  The yellow side is perfect for when your child moves up to a weekly view for chores, time management and reward charts.  Fold the board of this visual schedule for kids for tabletop use, choice boards and single panel views.






Activity Magnets Included: arts and crafts, bath, bedtime, bike ride, breakfast, brush teeth, brush teeth, church, clean room, clear stairs, clear table, comb hair, computer, dance, dentist, dessert, dinner, dishes, doctor, drink, family time, feed pets, free time, games, garbage, get dressed, going out, gymnastics, haircut, hat/gloves, homework, jacket, laundry, library, lights, lunch, make bed, movie night, music lesson, nap, out to eat, outside play, pack backpack, party, phone, pick up toys, pajamas, play date, playground, puzzles, reading, restroom, school, set table, shoes, shopping, shower, snack, special event, sports, swim, tablet, toy time, trip, TV, unpack backpack, video games, wake up, walk, wash hands, wipe sink, zoo/aquarium



Headings: 7 days of the week plus "every day", morning, afternoon and evening, To Do, Done, First Then, 1-6 and 36 Star magnets