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Talkido My First Words Bundle

SKU: DRG 063

Supplement your Talkido program with this bundle, perfect for early speakers!

The My First Words bundle comes with 10 packs of pre-made Talkido cards, covering 60 concepts and offering over 100 games for your learners. These cards are illustrated on one side and photorealistic on the other, helping your learners with generalization, speech, and communication.

Talkido cards also come with options for question games, a call-and-collect card game, and memory card games, giving your students and patients several ways to learn and interact.

How does it work?

Just turn on the Mio device, touch it to the interactive play cards, and hear the sounds on the cards read aloud. With Talkido, you can help your students learn individual words and specific phrases, while giving them the tools they need to make requests and better interact with the world around them. The Mio can accommodate roughly 5,000 recordings, so you can offer your pre-verbal and minimally verbal children more individualized ways to communicate.

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