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COVID-19 Resources From Different Roads

2020 has been a challenging year for parents, BCBAs, and special education teachers alike. With so much uncertainty surrounding the fall semester it’s hard to know how best to support children with autism who are adapting to unprecedented shifts in education. 

Different Roads has a variety of books and supports that can help, whether you are an ABA provider adapting to telelearning, a parent teaching your ASD children at home, or a paraprofessional who needs distance learning solutions for your class. If you’re looking for a specific support that isn’t covered here, please email us at info@difflearn.com - we’d love to help you find the best tools for your learners. 

Digital Downloads 

Get started right away with our digital downloads! You can access our exclusive curriculums on your tablet or device today - no need to wait for shipping! 


Combine screen time and school time with our collection of fun and functional iOS applications for children with autism. We’ve partnered with ABA experts to create these affordable and accessible tools that teach matching, imaginative play, and more! 

Home Learning 

If you’ve made the transition to homeschooling, you may have discovered that you don’t have all the materials you need. We carry staple items like flashcards, manipulatives, and reinforcers as well as books that can help guide you as you navigate the world of applied behavior analysis. We also have reward charts to keep you on task and games to help your children build social skills right from your living room. 

Assessment Kits 

A must-have for any ABA practitioner, our kits include everything you need to perform the VB-MAPP or ABLLS-R assessments, all of which double as invaluable classroom and clinic supports. The kit also includes the Pack And Roll - a convenient carrying cart for your tools if you’re making house calls.