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iOS Apps From Different Roads!

Different Roads has partnered with ABA and special education experts to bring you a collection of apps that allow you to help your child grow - right from your phone! If you're looking for more digital supports, make sure to check out our collection of e-books!

A screen shot from the interactive app Clean Up! for children with autism.
This interactive game develops language, reasoning, and sorting and classifying skills in your learners. Players must "clean up" by putting 75 photographic images of toys, food, and clothing away in the correct shopping cart, refrigerator, or toy box... (learn more!)
This interactive game develops language, discrimination, and reasoning skills in young learners. Clear, colorful images of everyday objects promote an understanding of functions and the relationships between items that children encounter on a daily basis. With built-in reinforcement and error correction, this game provides a solid foundation in building critical expressive and receptive language skills... (learn more!)
This interactive game develops auditory discrimination and processing skills in young learners. Players will improve their skills by matching objects and their associated sounds. Simple auditory processing skills lay the foundation for learning how to read, speak and spell... (learn more!)
Tell Me About It! Learning Language by Receptive Feature, Function and Category teaches the label, category, function, and features of more than 235 language targets over 6 levels of incremental difficulty. The presentation of each target conforms to an Applied Behavior Analysis program with reinforcement provided by a token economy system... (learn more!)
Teaching Play! An Autism App From Different Roads
A complete curriculum in one simple-to-use app, you have a full 14-level progression, complete with flash cards, all in one place. Its modular design makes it easily customisable to each individual child. With this app in the classroom, you will be well on your way to teaching your children the vital skill of purposeful play... (learn more!)