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Inspire rational decision-making with this set of 30 beautifully clear images printed on large photo cards. Each card depicts an unexpected, unwelcome, or difficult situation to encourage logical thinking, using reasoning skills, and making prompt and rational decisions. Each scene presents a problem or requires specific decisions to be made, and varies from minor difficulties that upset daily life (e.g. missing a bus, waiting for a visitor) to elements of risk and danger (e.g. finding a pan on fire in the kitchen, stopping a water leak from the ceiling). Students will learn to:
-make responsible choices
-develop independent thought
-keep safe
-recognize consequences of intervening
-understand the differences between minor difficulties and emergencies
-find a balance between acting quickly and considering all aspects of a situation
Also included in this set is a CD-Rom that features printable versions of each card and graphic organizers that are useful for prompting meaning conversation.