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Sign to Talk Nouns

SKU: DRC 479
150 beautifully photographed noun cards that are designed to shape verbal language specifically for individuals with autism and other developmental challenges. The set provides a wide variety of items that children find desirable and can be used as reinforcers. With the photographic image on the front, the reverse side contains the effective Kaufman Speech Praxis "word shell" breakdowns which help to further shape articulation for individuals with ASD. There's also a photo of a person demonstrating the sign (in ASL) and a description of the hand shapes for each target item. The Kit contains 150 5" x 7" cards, an alphabetized indexing system and a User's Manual explaining how to use the set, including details on the Kaufman Speech Praxis approach, Instructions for Parents and Professionals, Sign Manding, Information on Verbal Behavior and more.