Too Close, Too Far, Just Right

Too Close, Too Far, Just Right

DRG 409

Many kids, especially those with ADHD, autism or Asperger's, have trouble comprehending the socially accepted physical boundaries that many take for granted. Help them learn what's "too close," "too far," or "just right" in social situations with this charming social skills game. Children take turns performing social scenarios described on the Role Play Cards, and then the instructor or group of students decides whether their proximity to each other is appropriate for the particular situation. Focused and engaging, this game is a gentle way to help students with autism and ADHD grasp the idea of appropriate proximity and physical boundaries and thereby improve their relationships.

Includes 65 Role Play cards, 24 color-coded Feedback Cards, 3 "Where do I stand?" Cards, 1 Footprint Mat, and 1 booklet with instructions, game preparations and play, and variations on game play with a large group or class.
Recommended ages 5 and up.

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