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WH Inference Question Cards

SKU: DRC 127

Who? What? When? Where? Why? This robust set of five card decks is ideal for helping students reach the next stage of Wh-development, once they have mastered the basics. Each deck contains 56 doublesided cards that provide clues and hints to answer various Wh- questions. Side A has a colorful picture and a Wh-question ("Why is Karla waving?"). This picture provides clues that the children must use to infer the correct answer. Side B has a second, related picture and the answer ("She is going on a trip"). The durable tin comes with 5 decks for Who?, What?, When?, Where?, and Why? Questions, each on a long-lasting metal ring for convenient use and storage. Leave the WH inference question cards on the color-coded rings as you teach, or easily remove them as needed.

Each of the 56 cards in the five decks measures 2½" x 3½".