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Webber® Photo Cards - Getting to Know You

SKU: DRC 088

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Learning to navigate conversations with peers can be difficult for all children, but it can be especially challenging for students with autism. The Getting to Know You Photo Cards help your students and patients build up their social scripts and enhance social skills through individual practice and group question-and-answer format.

These full-color cards are paired with thoughtful questions to teach your students how to talk about themselves and get to know their peers. Can be used for one-on-one exercises or group learning. Perfect for teachers or SLPs.

Helps build:

  • Expressive skills
  • Comprehension
  • Social Skills
  • Questioning Skills

Teaches students to answer and ask:

  • Questions about the past, present, and future
  • Questions about family
  • Affirming questions
  • Imagination questions


  • 60 photo cards
  • Content cards
  • Game ideas
  • Storage tin

Size: 3¼” x 4¼”