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Webber® Activities of Daily Living Photo Sequencing Cards

SKU: DRC 250
Teach 20 self-care activities and routines that are vital for everyday life using full-color, 4” x 6” photographs. Webber Activities of Daily Living Photo Sequencing Cards provide helpful step-by-step visuals and written/verbal prompts to use while teaching activities of daily living (“ADLs”) in a structured way.
Each ADL is broken into six steps which are clearly depicted in real-life photographs. In addition, the set includes 20 Single-Instruction Routine Sequencing Cards which may be used individually or together to create a visual schedule or to-do list for the client.


Webber Activities of Daily Living Photo Sequencing Cards:
  • 20 Six-Step Daily Activities (120 Cards)
  • Basic Directions, Expanded Directions, and an Extension Question for each photo card
  • 20 Single-Instruction Cards
  • 140 Cards Total (4"x 6")
  • Instruction & Teaching Guide