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Verbs Flashcards 2 Volume Set

SKU: DRC 259

Why Teach Verbs?
Verbs are the action words that describe what a person is doing, such as eating, sleeping and drinking. They are crucial for the formation of sentences. In fact, every sentence has at least one verb.

Many students find it difficult to learn and use verbs. One of the reasons is that verbs are more abstract that nouns (objects and people). Another is that they differ depending on the tense, be it past, present and future (such as drank, drinking and drink). A sound understanding and use of verbs is a vital part of early learning and language development.


Verbs Volume 1:
Bouncing, brushing teeth, building, carrying, climbing, crawling, crying, cutting, dancing, digging, drawing, drinking, driving, drying, eating, hugging, jumping, kicking, kissing, laughing, mowing, painting, playing, pushing, reading, riding, running, singing, sitting, skipping, sleeping, sliding, sneezing, sweeping, swimming, throwing, waving, whispering and yawning.

Verbs Volume 2:
Blowing, brushing, catching, cheering, chopping, clapping, cooking, diving, dressing, falling, fishing, gardening, gliding, hammering, hitting, hopping, hurdling, ice skating, knitting, listening, pulling, raking, rollerblading, rowing, sawing, sewing, shopping, skiing, skydiving, slicing, snorkelling, stretching, sucking, surfing, threading, typing, washing, watering, wiping and writing.