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VB-MAPP Web-Based Training

SKU: DRM 681

*Please allow 24 hours for system access

Different Roads to Learning is pleased to be able to offer you the latest in digital assistence- The VB-MAPP Training Library is a convenient resource that provides access to a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Approaching VB-MAPP assessments and subsequent programming can be overwhelming when there are so many variables involved. Every child diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities is unique, and this means challenges presented during teaching opportunities will also be unique. These are the times when it pays to have somewhere to turn for answers, and in most cases, these answers can be found in the Training Library.

  • Access two trainings covering VB-MAPP assessment administration and teaching to assessment results
  • Learn about interpreting VB-MAPP assessment scores
  • Benefit from interactive video forum discussions
  • Quickly find solutions to common and uncommon challenges as you work toward improving the lives of children
  • Earn up to 15 BACB Learning 2CEUs
  • Certificate of Completion for BCBAs and non-BCBA professionals
  • $ 149.99 per year per user with discounts available

This library is perfect for educators and ABA professionals alike as it offers purpose-driven instruction on administering assessments plus guidance to follow once you have completed the assessment and are looking at programming for your students. Moreover, you can rely on the VB-MAPP Training Library for instructional direction and also use it as a reference when facing new or unexpected challenges.

Another core benefit included with the Training Library is access to interactive video forum discussions. These discussions help to simplify complex topics, plus they are easy to view on smart devices for answers on the go. You will also have the chance to interact through video with Liz Maher, MEd, BCBA. Liz is an experienced and accomplished BCBA who provides consulting services to various educational institutions. She is also the co-owner of Data Makes the Difference, LLC, and her journey into ABA began with a desire to see her own daughter succeed after an ASD diagnosis. Interactive video is a fantastic way to see and hear answers to important questions quickly and in a more personalized manner.

Your access to Liz through interactive video forums in the Training Library gives you a front-row seat to answers provided by a gifted, caring educator and clinical professional who wants to see all children succeed.