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VB Mapp and EESA Bundle

SKU: DRB 037

Perform the VB-MAPP Assessment with the EESA, the newly expanded echoic skills section

Enhance your VB-MAPP Assessment by incorporating the EESA, bringing additional focus to the echoic section of the VB-MAPP.

This bundle is a perfect training guide on how to effectively perform the VB-MAPP Assessment.


  • Includes one Student Protocol and one Instructor's Guide
  • Student Protocol contains the necessary forms for conducting the assessment, along with a task analysis that provides further breakdowns of the milestones.
  • Instructor’s Guide contains a placement guide that offers specific suggestions for programming and direction for each of the 170 milestones achieved, as well as suggestions for IEP goals for each skill presented in the three levels of the VB-MAPP.

The EESA Set

The EESA Guide and Protocol together form a combination textbook, echoic skills assessment, program planning guide, and materials resource.

The EESA Guide:

  • Discusses the behavioral and mechanical basis for speech development
  • Explains elements of syllables that make speech easy or difficult
  • Determines if a learner is ready for the full EESA-R test
  • Discusses skills to strengthen and IEP goal planning

The EESA Protocol:

  • Assesses five groups of increasingly complex echoic skills
  • Guides users through results analysis and target selection
  • Discusses a skills-integrated approach to training and tracking language development; contains a 2-page list of program support resources for specific issues of concern.