Remote Learning With ABA Kit

Remote Learning With ABA Kit

DRK 100

Virtual schooling for a child with autism or other special needs comes with its own unique set of challenges. This collection of simple yet versatile ABA tools makes it easy to integrate the principles of applied behavior analysis into any home-based learning program. 

Our kit includes flashcards, games, manipulatives, token boards, and timers which can be used to teach language, fine motor skills, social skills, and more! The kit also includes a Remote Learning With ABA instruction book written by Dana Reinecke, PhD, LBA, BCBA. This guide explains how each item in the kit can be used to enrich your child's learning - right from your living room! 

This kit is perfect for:

* Caregivers of children with autism who are new to ABA 

* Parents of special needs students who are assisting their learners during school for the first time

* School districts in need of remote learning supports for families 

*Hybrid Classrooms - a great way to ensure all your students have the same materials to complete tasks with


Bulk discounts are available! If your school district is interested in purchasing the Remote Learning With ABA kit for your families please email us at for more details. 

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