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Police Officer Puzzle

SKU: DRG 961

Get your students and patients interested in different career paths!

Teach your learners about police officers and safety with the Police Officer Puzzle. This early 12-piece photo puzzle depicts a photorealistic image of a police officer in his uniform, showing identifiable items like a police car, emergency lights, and a badge.

Ideal for classrooms, early learning, and ABA programs, puzzles help teach problem-solving, fine motor, visuospatial, and attention skills. Photorealistic images help learners with autism identify and generalize items and concepts so they can apply their learning beyond the classroom.

Details for the Police Officer Puzzle:

  • 12-piece puzzle
  • Durable wooden pieces
  • Bright photorealistic image
  • Puzzle measures 9 1/2" x 12"
  • Ages 3 yrs.+
  • Perfect for preschool

The Police Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for initiating identification and discussion of police officers, their role in the community, and safety. Also check out our Firefighter Puzzle, Teacher Puzzle, or the Career Puzzle Bundle.