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Picture My Picture Bundle

SKU: DRC 100

Enjoy the entire Picture my Picture Collection! 

Learning language is a key part of our development. Learning to speak allows us to share our thoughts, ideas, feelings and desires with those around us. For some, this comes with ease. But for others, there are challenges to navigate. The Picture my Picture collections seeks to support the needs of anyone learning the English language, be it a toddler beginning to speak for the first time or someone learning English as a second (or third) language. They are also suitable for people navigating language challenges that often occur with conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy and stroke.

In fact, these flashcards are for everyone. They are for parents, family members, educators and therapists – and their students.

Each card features a full color picture and on the reverse side is the label for the object and category. Ideal for speech therapy, ESL, ABA, early intervention and as a resource for autism. Suitable for children and adults. A list of activities and ideas for use is included, making it a great educational tool for teachers and parents, in the classroom and at home.

Full Bundle Contains:

  • Categories Flashcards: 40 Language Photocards
  • Emotions Flashcards: 40 Language Photocards
  • Opposites Flashcards: 40 Language Photocards
  • Verbs Flashcards: 40 Language Photocards
  • Prepositions Flashcards: 40 Language Photocards
  • Go-Togethers Flashcards: 40 Language Photocards
  • Nouns Flashcards: 200 Language Photocards