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Language Builder 3D - 2D Animal Matching Kit

SKU: DRC 557

Language Builder 3D - 2D Matching Kits provide the manipulative and photo materials for the most common introductory ABA and Autism Education lesson - matching. The Animal Matching Kit contains 16 animals and 16 photo cards:

  • 2 each of 8 different realistic plastic animals: Horse, Cow, Pig, Dog, Cat, Bird, Giraffe and Lion
  • duplicate cards to correspond with each animal. 

The Birds and Cats were chosen specifically to compliment the similar matching animal pictures in the Basic Stages section of the Language Builder Picture Noun Cards, so you can move seamlessly to similar matching, sorting and categorization lessons. 

Early language acquisition begins with the ability to understand objects as distinct and separate. Before learning that pictures represent real items (picture-object correspondence), children learn to match actual physical objects. This is a regular part of developmentally healthy play.

Next, when children master the skill of matching a 3D object to a 2D image, they understand that a 2D image can represent an actual object. Now you can use pictures to teach a variety of new language and functional skills!

Language Builder 3D-2D matching kits provide the tools so you can help children meet these critical language development milestones.