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GoTalk Fit

SKU: DRP 882


GOTALK FIT helps with a variety of communication needs. Students can communicate their wants and needs in the classroom and at home; give answers and ask questions; and create reminders for materials they need in class or for afterschool programs.

The easy-to-use handheld GoTalk communication device holds 4 or 9 messages per level, for a total of 12 or 27 messages. Each level has a different colored LED. To switch modes, press and hold the record button to hear one or two beeps. You can use it with other devices or methods to support individual communication needs.


  • 4 message capability on each of 3 levels
  • Enhanced sound quality
  • 20 seconds of recording time per message
  • Change overlays with ease
  • Easily fits into your hand or pockets

Includes two AAA batteries.