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Floreo VR App

SKU: DRM 800 Individual

*Please allow 24 hours for subscription set up!

Floreo VR (Virtual Reality) is a user-friendly and uncomplicated therapy tool for neurodivergent individuals of all ages and capabilities. Whether at home or in a professional setting, users can access a virtual learning environment with just a smartphone or VR headset to practice essential communication and social skills at a comfortable pace.

Utilizing virtual reality, Floreo teaches skills in social, communication, behavior, and daily life to individuals with neurodiversity and others who can benefit from honing these skills. Our immersive VR experiences utilize scientifically-supported techniques and are specifically designed for use in therapy, education, and family settings.

How to use Floreo:

  • The coaching device and learning VR headset are paired to the Floreo app.
  • The Learner wears the headset to experience the immersive lesson.
  • The VR lesson’s view is streamed in real-time to the coaching device.
  • The coaching device uses a co-pilot mode to direct the lesson and learning experience, providing guidance, instructions, and feedback as needed throughout the experience.
  • Green bars indicate the learner’s field of view and prompts with suggested coaching language and tools help guide learning and move the lesson along.

*Must have iPad or iPhone to access Floreo VR (Virtual Reality)

Floreo Pricing Structure – 

Pricing for Floreo VR autism equipment is broken down into three categories:

  • Individual
  • School
  • Clinic

Individuals are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription. At the moment, Floreo does not offer an annual subscription for individual users. 

School and Clinic pricing is tiered based upon the number of students you would like to subscribe, as well as the length of the subscription.

Schools can choose between 6-month pricing models and academic year pricing models.

Clinics can choose between monthly and calendar year pricing models.

Looking for equipment support? VR Headsets can be purchased in for the Floreo App here

Have questions? Feel free to email us at info@difflearn.com for more information.