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Feelings and Emotions Flashcards: 40 Emotion Language Photo Cards

SKU: DRC 011


  • This set of 40 feelings and emotions flashcards encourages language development, communication and conversation
  • There are 4 images for each of the following emotions - happy, sad, angry, surprised, frustrated, scared, worried, tired, silly and bored
  • Each card features a full color picture and on the reverse side is the label for the feeling (eg happy).
  • Ideal for speech therapy, esl, aba, early intervention and as a resource for autism. These feelings cards are suitable for adults and children
  • A list of activities and ideas is included, making these emotion cards for autism a great educational tool for teachers and parents, in the classroom and at home

    Items included

    • 40 emotion flash cards (double sided)
    • Instructions for use 
    • Printed on 300 gsm premium quality card stock with a smooth finish.
    • Packaged in a sturdy, easy to open box
    • Each flashcard is 5.9" x 3.9"
    • Double sided - the image is on the front and the label (e.g. happy) is on the reverse side.