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Essential for Living: The Web App

SKU: DRM 143

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A longtime partner with Data Makes the Difference, Different Roads to Learning is proud to be able to resell The Essential for Living app. Designed for individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism and related disorders, this app is a comprehensive tool that helps individuals learn daily living skills, such as communication, self-care, and social skills. The EFL App is perfect for teachers, behavior analysts, residential providers, and SLPs.

The Essential for Living web-based APP permits users to:

  • conduct an assessment
  • record learner progress with respect to skills and problem behavior
  • summarize the extent of that progress
  • prepare reports

Across 3,000+ skills.

Annual Pricing - Per Learner - Per Year

  • 1-5 Learners   $49.00 each
  • 6-25 Learners   $44.00 each
  • 26-60 Learners  $39.00 each
  • 61-100 Learners  $34.00 each
  • 100+ Learners   $29.00 each