Effective Instruction for Children with Autism

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Effective Instruction for Children with Autism

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This comprehensive manual and robust accompanying CD-Rom aim to help children with autism achieve the highest possible levels of independence and happiness. A complete reference, it provides step-by-step instruction to identify autism spectrum disorders; use effective and evidence-based interventions; maximize reinforcers; collect and analyze data; engage in reciprocal social interactions; develop individualized curriculum, and much more. The book is divided into two main components: The Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis presents an Overview of Human Behavior; Measurement of Behavior; Consequences and Their Role in Operant Conditioning; Stimulus Control and Shaping; Functional Analysis of Problem Behavior; and Verbal Behavior and Relational Frame Theory. The second section focuses on Instructional Techniques and Methodologies including Procedures to Increase Behavior; Fluency-based Instruction and Precision Teaching; Procedures to Reduce Behaviors; Assessment; and Curriculum Development.

The book is very clearly laid out with Key Terms highlighted, defined and contextualized. As the manual presents the theory and techniques surrounding effective instructional principles, readers will walk away with clearly developed behavior analysis skills, whether they are parents or professionals.

The CD-Rom provides an enormous amount of information, with detailed Instructional Data Forms, Graphs, Lessons and Target Behavior Forms. There are numerous, detailed sample skills programs covering attributes, auditory discrimination, categories, pre-writing, intraverbal FFC, play, prepositions, pronouns, wh-questions and so much more. There are also Instructional Videos with live clips demonstrating Discrete Trial Instruction, Prompting, Functional Analysis, and Self-Modeling. 

Soft Cover, 330 pages with accompanying CD-Rom, by Robert F. Gulick and Thomas P. Kitchen

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