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Adult Services Assessment & Curriculum

SKU: DRB 991

Adult Services Assessment & Curriculum is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Adult Residential and Employment volumes have been combined into a single comprehensive volume for Adult Services. Developed for adolescents and adults with autism who reside in community-based living arrangements, the Adult Services volume contains teaching programs for self-care, domestics, physical education, and recreation. There is a complete vocational section that focuses on teaching programs to be implemented in an adult day placement with application in employment settings.

The Autism Assessment provides educators, therapists, and parents with a tool to accurately assess an individual's current abilities and skill level. This assessment identifies the student's strengths and weaknesses, assists with goal selection, tracks progress, and makes it easy to translate the assessment into concrete IEP goals. The Autism Curriculum is a comprehensive series of teaching programs designed to provide a valuable resource to enable professionals and parents to effectively teach students with autism.

Teaching programs and data tools are presented in wire-bound format for easy use. Each volume comes with 10 Curriculum, Assessment and Assessment Score Sheets.