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Emotions Skill Strips

SKU: DRC 098

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Help your students and patients identify the facial expressions associated with different emotions. Enhance social skills across four levels as your students build upon their existing skill sets and increase their social and emotional awareness with these learning cards.

Students read or listen to prompts and identify the emotion or situation shown in the photo. Prompts include six basic emotions: happy, sad, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust. Also includes a list of synonyms for each emotion to help expand vocabulary.
These emotion recognition cards are great for therapists, teachers, and parents.

Emotions Skill Strips has four color-coded levels to help organize your students’ progression.

  • Level 1 Cards - Each card presents one person exhibiting three different emotions. Student listens to/reads the prompt and points to the correct facial expression associated with that emotion.
  • Level 2 Cards - Using the same prompts as in Level 1, student chooses the person exhibiting the correct facial expression from three different photos of children and adults.
  • Level 3 Cards - Three different people are expressing three different emotions. Student listens to/reads the question or scenario and chooses the person exhibiting the appropriate facial expression.
  • Level 4 Cards - Student studies the person's facial expression in the photo presented and then chooses which event prompted this particular emotion.


  • 120 double-sided emotional learning photo cards (8½"x 3¾")
  • Four color-coded levels
  • 240 prompts (60 prompts in each level)
  • Divider tabs
  • Sturdy storage box