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Webber® Photo Cards - Let's Name Things

SKU: DRC 092

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Enhance your students’ vocabulary and categorization skills with the Let’s Name Things Photo Cards deck. Each full-color photo card depicts a bright, engaging scene. Students look for visual clues in each photo and then name items that belong to specific categories based on the attributes and functions shown on the cards. 

Game ideas help you guide students through different activities that build up descriptive language skills, semantic mapping, naming skills, and categorization. Examples include things you see in a library, things that a teacher does, and things that float. With 60 unique prompts, your students will have plenty of practice in naming different items and functions!


  • 60 full-color photo cards
  • Card index with a helpful list of categories
  • Game ideas
  • Sturdy storage tin

Size: 3¼” x 4¼”