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Create and Play Sensory Beads

SKU: DRG 967

The brightly colored material of Create and Play Sensory Beads is soft and flexible, yet durable enough for lots of touching and squeezing. Each shape has a recognizable geometric form: triangle, circle, oval, rectangle, square, hexagon. The surfaces have raised bumps, ridges and grooves that reflect the overall shape and stimulate the sense of touch. Each textured bead has an extra-large threading hole, making it easy to string them all together using a variety of materials. Use this set of sensory beads for autism to help kids reduce stress while developing fine motor skills. The material is excellent for art activities. Press the shapes into clay to create fun, squishy patterns. Dip them into paint or press them into an ink pad to create colorful artwork!

There are 4 brilliant reasons to choose Sensory Beads:

  • Sensory Stimulation. The soft texture, bright colors, fun shapes, and interesting patterns make these sensory beads for autism the perfect non-learning learning toys.
  • Fine Motor Skills. Stack ‘em, string ‘em, roll ‘em, and squeeze ‘em!
  • Visual Perception. Each bead has a unique shape and design along with its bright color.
  • Fidget Fun. Use these soft, giant beads for open-ended play!

This product features:

  • 24 Sensory Beads in 6 unique shapes and 4 colors (sizes range from 1.3-1.9″ or 3.3-4.8 cm)
  • 1 fun, re-usable box


  • 24/pkg
  • 6 shapes 
  • size range from 1.3125″ -1.875″ (3.3 – 4.8 cm)
  • Holes for stringing
  • Assorted bright colors
  • Soft Plastic