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Comprehensive ABA Language 2D-3D Flashcard Kit

SKU: DRK 800

You asked us for a kit that contained it all- verbs, common nouns, shapes and patterns, associations, emotions, 2D to 3D- all while keeping generalization in mind. Different Roads has brought these elements together for you! With over 600 flashcards and 242 manipulatives, this kit has 15 Categories including Actions, Animals, Body Parts, Clothes, Colors, Dishes, Drinks, Emotions, Everyday Objects, Food, Furniture, Plants, Shapes, Toys and Vehicles. These items can be used to demonstrate exact and general matching, singular and plural nouns, 2D to 3D Matching, Go Together Items and Verb/Noun pairings. Using the Comprehensive ABA Language Flashcard Pairing Sheets, you can quickly filter by Category and Target to identify with flashcards and items are needed, depending on your desired goals. This removes the guesswork for you as a practitioner! The Pairing Sheets are preformatted to work with your printer for easy access. This kit is priced at $450.00 USD- an investment for any school, clinic, or family but a value when considering the number of items and the variety of areas they address.

• Language Builder: Picture Nouns 350 noun cards, including Animals,
Foods, Vehicles, Furniture, Clothing, Toys, Everyday Objects, Shapes
and Colors.
• Picture My Picture Feelings and Emotions– 40 feelings and emotions flashcards.
• Language Builder Blocks– 40 custom-designed solid wood blocks, 100 unique
picture cards, 20 "Pretend Play" picture cards (there is also a free app that goes
along with these!).
• Action Builder Cards – 100 high resolution action cards, generalized across age,
ethnicity and items.
• Body Parts Lang-o-Learn Cards– Close-up look at 20 different body parts. Images
include hand, foot, leg, arm, head, stomach, toes, fingers, knee, elbow, nose, eyes,
mouth, ear, shoulder, wrist, ankle, heel, thumb and back. The back of each card
provides a label in 17 languages.
• Different Roads Common Objects Kit– Contains: Play Food (100+ pieces with duplicates), Dish Set (24 pieces in 4 colors), Bathroom Furniture (4 pieces), Kitchen Furniture (7 pieces), School Bus (2 identical pieces), Emergency Vehicles (3 pieces), Vehicles (9 miniature pieces), Car (1 piece), Farm Animals (24 pieces, identical duplicates of 12 animals), Dogs (12 pieces), and Balls (4 pieces).