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Coin-u-lator Bundle

SKU: DRK 365

Bundle all 3 and save!


The Coin-u-lator is a hand-held, coin-counting calculator that makes counting money fun and easy. This breakthrough invention in counting coins was patented by a special education teacher for students of all ages.

A sturdy, high-quality plastic casing features the realistic coin and dollar buttons. An easy-to-read LCD screen clearly displays the status of the counting while unique sounds and an animated voice send immediate auditory feedback to the user. Users benefit significantly through visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.

The Coin-u-lator can be used in any classroom during instruction, independent work, or in classroom centers. The unit comes complete with easy-to-use operating instructions, game instructions, suggested activities, and 3 AA batteries.

Coin-u-lator Worksheets

The Coin-u-lator Worksheets were developed for students who need extra help in learning to count coins. When used with the Coin-u-lator, this program provides two visual learning methods: realistic coin graphics and a money calculator with a LCD screen. The 100 reproducible worksheets were designed to produce high-quality photocopies making all coins easy to identify and count. They are especially effective when coin counting is reinforced by placing realistic coins over the printed coins on the worksheets. An assorted coin package of 400 coins is available separately.

This program has been called a breakthrough in helping students learn the process of counting coins. Students who struggle with basic money concepts can use the money calculator until the skills are mastered. After conquering the basics of coin counting using the Coin-u-lator, students can progress to completing the worksheets independently. The entire program prepares students for accurately using coins in everyday "real-life" situations.

128 pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover • ©1998

Coin-u-lator Activity Cards

The Coin-u-lator Activity Cards were developed to help students of all ages learn basic money concepts. When used with the Coin-u-lator, the activity cards provide 'hands-on,' money-counting practice. The cards measure 5- by 8-inches and feature realistic depictions of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1 bills.

The front of the 50 Pocket Change cards feature coins grouped in like rows by values. On the back, the amount is given as a decimal, $ 1.39, and in an alphanumeric format, 1 dollar and 39 cents.

The 50 Wallet Money cards feature coins and bills grouped in order of value, but no longer in like rows. On the back, the amount is given as a decimal and in an alphanumeric format.