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Check It: from Checkbox Software

SKU: DRM 701 Monthly SS

Deliver language instruction seamlessly with the Check It App, brought to you by the creator of Verbal Behavior Targets.

The robust library of realistic language content helps you teach words, phrases, sentences, and questions to meet the goals of the VB-MAPP, the ABLLS-R, or your own verbal behavior program.

Check It is readily available on your phone, tablet, or computer—all you need is an Internet connection. Engage your learner with video clips, touchscreen activities, and multimedia rewards.  Manage their language program by taking data with a tap and producing charts and reports.

Check It is your toolkit for teaching language in person, during remote learning, or on the go!

Pricing Structure:

DRM 701 • Monthly Plan Single Student • $10 per month (1 user supporting 1 student)

DRM 701 • Annual Single Student Plan • $99.00 per year (1 user supporting 1 student)

DRM 701 • Annual Multiple Student Plan • $199.00 per year (1 user supporting multiple students)