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Autism's Declaration Of Independence

SKU: DRB 032

This book details Mr. Mayerson’s extensive career providing legal defense and counsel for ASD children and their families. While an understanding of the law and the applicable statutes is important, the primary focus of Autism’s Declaration of Independence is substance and practicality, with a constant eye on the ultimate outcome. Pretty much any student can “graduate” from the public education system. However, what steps can be taken to make sure that a student with the potential to do so has sufficiently acquired the functional skills for graduating to something that is personally meaningful and fulfilling for them? The transition to adulthood when IDEA’s educational entitlements come to an end is, of course, the “main event.” With so much uncertainty in the world of education, this book is a timely and crucial resource for all autism families and professionals.


Advance Praise for Autism's Declaration Of Independence:

"A marvelous book. Truly comprehensive in scope and true to its title this volume is a practical guide for parents, professionals, and school districts as the author explains rights, entitlements, process, accommodations and the need for practical strategies and particularly planning for achieving independence in autism. Enriched by the author's deep experience this volume will be an invaluable resource for years to come."

  • Fred R. Volkmar M.D., Irving B. Harris Professor, Yale University, New Haven, CT

"I founded Autism Speaks in 2004. I put together a board of very sophisticated businesspeople, educators and medical leaders. Gary Mayerson was one of the  first people I asked to  join the board . There is  no  one  I know who has accomplished more in law, making sure that people with autism receive the  same  educational  and medical benefits as people without autism. I am very supportive of Gary, and his book  shows you  how  he  has used his legal skills in all sorts of medically oriented sit uat io ns . I tip my hat to Gary Mayerson and to his legal career which has helped so many people all over the world."

  • Bob Wright, Founder of Autism Speaks

"In this thorough and thoughtful journey, Gary combines his extensive knowledge, experience, passion and humor as well as the recommendations of other experts in the field to guide families and professionals on how to advocate for high expectations and greater independence before an individual transitions  out  of high school. After working with adults with autism for more than 10 years, Gary's recommendations detail the strategies I have seen generate the best outcomes for individuals transitioning to and succeeding in adulthood, whatever success may mean for that person and family."

  • Allison Kleinman, LCSW, Director of Jack and Shirley Silver Center for Special Needs, Adaptations

"From landmark cases to advising families on matters of negotiating with their school districts, Gary has changed the landscape of autism intervention services by leaving no child behind and serving as a beacon of hope for families. Autism's Declaration of Independence offers practical and timely information informed  by real cases, bringing to life the many struggles and  triumphs that families experience throughout the life cycle of autism. This book will be a resource for many families for years to come."


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