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Attribute Apples

SKU: DRG 002

Help your learner develop sorting and comparison skills with Learning Resources Attribute Apples

Sort and classify apples by 5 attributes including size, color, and different physical features with this unique categorization set.

This colorful apple sorting game brings a tactile element to your classroom or therapy center, giving your students a hands-on way to learn. Great for individual use or group exercises, Learning Resources Attribute Apples helps your ASD learners develop core skills:

  • Identify differences and similarities in color (red, green, yellow), size (small, medium, large), and physical feature (stem, worm, leaf)
  • Learn sorting skills and pattern recognition
  • Enhance fine motor skills, focusing on pincer and whole-hand grasping, as well as hand-eye coordination
  • Practice counting as apples with similar characteristics are sorted into groups

Game ideas include Complete the Pattern, What’s Missing In the Sequence?, Which Apple is Different?, and more!


  • 27 apples (Largest apple measures 1.75''D)
  • Activity Guide with several activity and game ideas