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Alphafun Multisensory Reading Kit for Kids

SKU: DRG 052


  • FUN LETTER PLAY FOR PRESCHOOLERS This Deluxe water beads educational alphabet play set entertains children for hours while enhancing fine motor function, cognition, phonetic awareness & early reading skills. This multisensory alphabet kit includes 4oz water beads, 78 alphabet letters, inflatable water bin, 4 laces, 2 tweezers, scoop & Alphafun guide with activities for parents, educators & clinicians.
  • ENGAGING TACTILE & VISUAL LEARNING  A Montessori-inspired design encourages toddlers to look, touch, move, manipulate & experiment with objects for a variety of benefits including language/speech development, muscle strength, social interaction, hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, anxiety management, color recognition, counting, spelling, phonics & beyond.
  • SMART TOY FOR KIDS ON THE SPECTRUM Give your child a learning experience like never before! This sensory pack for autism is a calming multisensory playset that is perfectly suitable & easy to modify for daycare, school, clinic or home play.
  • TONS OF KID-FRIENDLY TOOLS & SUPPLIES Bring home a safe, affordable toy that grows with them! These non-toxic, bpa-free squishy water beads grow to the size of a marble in water, then shrink back down when dried—great for introducing kids to scientific concepts. This multisensory alphabet kit also includes tweezers for fine motor practice, laces for stringing letters into words & a scoop for measuring.
  • BONUS ALPHAFUN GUIDE BOOKLET | the ultimate resource for special education, aba & traditional teachers, occupational therapists, asd specialists, social workers & more. The book includes dozens of open-ended activities & games for kids to play.