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A Work in Progress: The Full Curriculum and the Datasheets

SKU: DRB 035

The Full Curriculum, now paired with the Curriculum Datasheets

Now you can get the full A Work In Progress manual and the Curriculum Datasheets in one convenient purchase. Set up your treatment plan, establish your curriculum, and track your data with this helpful bundle designed to make building your social skills program an easier, more consistent process.

The A Work in Progress manual is an invaluable resource for parents and professionals working with children with ASD. The first half of the book gives practical how-to information on setting up an ABA-based social skill curriculum program. Part two provides a detailed curriculum that offers actual lessons with step-by-step instructions for implementation, as well as creative ideas on how to make learning a natural progression.

The Curriculum Assessment and Datasheets build upon the information found in the manual, giving you the tools you need to review and refine your treatment plan as your learners make progress. The Curriculum Datasheets include:

  • Curriculum Assessment
  • Daily Data Summary forms
  • Discrete Data Trial forms
  • Overview of Program forms
  • Performance Evaluation forms (for staff)
  • Program Description forms
  • Tracking Forms