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Member Rewards

Now You Can Earn Tokens, too! 

Different Roads to Learning invites you to join our Member Rewards Club where you can redeem your DiffPoints for dollars on our site.

Just click on the bottom left tab that says Check DiffPoints to get started. 

How to Earn DiffPoints: 

Creating a rewards program is our way of saying 'Thank You!' for all the things you are already doing such as: shopping on our website, referring us to your friends & clients, and leaving product reviews that help steer fellow Different Roads shoppers towards the best purchases for their needs.

The more you engage, the more you earn, and the more you save!

You will be notified by email anytime you unlock one of our rewards, and you can always check the progress on your points by clicking the DiffPoints tab at the bottom left side of your screen when visiting our website. 

Questions or Concerns? 
Feel free to contact us on here.