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ABLLS-R® - All The Tools You Need to Succeed!

Developed by Dr. Partington, the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills - Revised (The ABLLS-R®), is an assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skills-tracking system used to help guide the instruction of language and critical learner skills for children with autism or other developmental disabilities. This practical and parent-friendly tool facilitates the identification of skills needed by the child to effectively communicate and learn from everyday experiences.

Different Roads to pleased to bring you all the materials you'll need to complete the ABLLS-R® Assessment. Here, you will find not only the Guides and Protocols, we've worked with the creator, Jim Partington, and BCBA Tammy J. Frazer to bring you the ABLLS-R® Skill Acquisition Program Manual Set, a 2 volume set that provides a step-by-step teaching plan for each of the task codes identified within the ABLLS-R®.

In addition, Different Roads has sourced across multiple vendors to provide a kit that contains every item needed to administer the ABLLS-R® assessment- the kit contains over 80 unique items, and comes with labels and suggestions sheets to help you organize so as to more easily complete the assessment.

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